The Best Dog Food For Bull Dogs

Tips On How To Find The Best Dog Food For Bulldogs

Baiting bears and bulls was once the only thing Bulldogs knew how to do. But thanks to breeding, this chubby pooch is now a gentle and kind pet kept by thousands of folks in America and the world over.

Are you one of them? I’m sure you would love to learn about diets that can make your plumb furry pal healthier and free from things that could steal away their joy. Who wouldn’t love that?

Join me as I take you through what you need to know about finding the best dog food for Bulldogs, whether American, English or French.

What Health Problems Is My Bulldog Prone To That Affect Her Dietary Needs?

Overbreeding is among the reasons why Bulldogs seem to be more prone to serious health problems. Fortunately, with proper nutrition, most of these problems can be avoided.

The most common ones include:

Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia in dogs refers to a hip disease in which the enarthrosis (ball and socket joint) is malformed. PetMD highlights the symptoms and types, causes, and diagnosis.

Based on statistics from the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals, an estimated 74% of Bulldogs were found to suffer from hip dysplasia, out of the 928 that were evaluated.

For this particular breed, obesity and rapid weight gain plus nutritional factors are the most common causes.

Therefore, a diet comprising low fat and protein content would be an excellent choice for bulldogs, especially pups, as this would assist them to grow and develop slowly, allowing the rest of the body not to put extra pressure on the skeleton.

Also, make sure the diet at least has components like phosphorous, calcium, glucosamine, and chondroitin. All of them assist in keeping the bones and joints healthy and strong.

Sensitivities & Food Allergens

Most pet parents and breeders admit that bulldogs are quite prone to allergies, flatulence, and digestive system problems. 

If your bulldog is allergic or seems to react in a bad way to some foods, then begin by avoiding the ingredients we’ve mentioned down below.

If the conditions persist, talk to your vet as that could be a sign of other underlying health problems.

Please note that low-quality dog foods can also cause excessive shedding, vomiting, diarrhea, weaker joints, lack of energy, and excessive itchiness

You can help your pooch to fight off such conditions by feeding them a diet suitable for the individual nutritional needs.

Apart from these three, the Southern California Dog Rescue Organization lists a variety of other health problems, which your breeder or local pet store may not have revealed to you about bulldogs, including:

  • English Bulldogs get excessively hot so fast and have problems controlling their body temperature.
  • They are prone to tail/rear end problems, skin infections, brachycephalic syndrome, and so many other health conditions.

Alternatively, you can check out the video below by Dogumentary TV in which they also highlight several things about Bulldogs that you may not be aware of.

I would recommend that you have your vet do regular health tests on your bulldog and in case they find health issues, consult with them on what diet is best based on their health profile.

Does My Bulldog Have Special Nutritional Needs?

How much and what you should feed your bulldog will mostly depend on the level of activity, metabolism rate, size (the American Bulldog is the largest of the three), age, lifestyle, existing or potential health problems, among other things.

Bulldogs generally have higher-energetic levels, especially the growing pups and young adults, which means they burn calories relatively quickly than other dog breeds. Thus, they should be fed a decent amount of calories, say 1300 a day, but that’s only if they exercise as well.

If your bulldog is the type that likes to lie down all day and does very little exercise,  is older, neutered, or spayed, feeding them too many calories may lead to obesity or other serious health problems.

Not sure how many calories you bulldog needs? PetMD has a simplified guide to help you out.

Required Nutritional content

Just like it is with other breeds, a diet for bulldog needs to have proteins and fats as the main ingredients.  More important to mention is that both have to come from quality sources.


Whole meats and meat meals are some of the best sources of quality proteins. Doctors Foster and Smith recommended that you feed your puppy dog diets should contain at least 22% maintenance proteins. Adults are to be fed a diet comprising at least 15% protein.

One of the reasons why the protein content has to be relatively lower compared to what other dog breeds consume is because bulldogs are more prone to becoming overweight and suffering secondary health effects like hip dysplasia.


Look out for named fat sources like chicken fat. Puppies may require roughly 10% fat while adult bulldogs need about 5%. However, commercial pet foods tend to have higher fat content, so check to ensure that the fat content doesn’t exceed 20%. 

With moderate fat content, your bulldog won’t easily become overweight. Note that once they’ve put on some extra weight, it’s not easy to shed it off.

Another good thing about fats is that they are known to add flavor to the dog food, making it quite tasty and appealing to them.


Make sure the diets you feed your bulldog contain very low levels of carbohydrates. This is because diets rich in carbs, like starches and sugars, could expose your bulldog to conditions they are most prone to such as obesity or allergies


Hydration is important for bulldogs, especially during hot weather. This is because they have problems tolerating heat and humidity.

English bulldogs also need fatty acids to keep their skin and coat looking healthy and shinier.

What Ingredients should I avoid?

If your Bulldogs is among the type that is prone to food sensitivities and allergies, they shouldn’t be given foods containing wheat, corn, or soy.

Artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, sugars, or dyes should be avoided as well. Besides some of them being allergy triggers, they will expose your dog to digestive problems and other serious health problems.

What Is the Best Dog Food for English Bulldogs?

My top picks when it comes to best dog food for Bulldogs, having put into consideration the factors we’ve just looked at, include:

1. Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend Formula Adult Dry Dog Food

One major reason why nearly all Purina’s Pro Plan Dry Dog formulas have sustained their top ratings is due to the company’s commitment to production quality. Proof of their top quality is in the fact that almost all AKC all bred champions use Purina Pro Plan formulas.

Of the many formulas made by this brand, Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend Formula Adult Dry Dog is the one Bulldogs happen to enjoy the most.

Given their great appetite and sensitive stomach, this is one of the few meals able to meet their nutritional needs while keeping them comfortable and at their best lively self.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Protein -26.0% Min
  • Fat -6.0% Min
  • Fiber -3.0% Min


  • Protein-fat ratio is well balanced- A Bulldog’s great appetite should come as no surprise at all because factually, an adult Bulldog that is active and weighs roughly about 50 pounds will need a caloric average intake of about 1358 daily and since they are prone to becoming overweight, this formulation ensures that they maintain an optimal weight.
  • The hard kibble, mixed with tender and shredded pieces gives the food a great taste and texture that Bulldogs really cherish.
  • This formulation comprises real chicken, a source of high-quality protein, among the first ingredients. This ensures your bulldog maintains even growth and strong muscle development.
  • Seeing that most bulldogs may have a sensitive stomach, the Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend Formula Adult Dry Dog Food comes packed with rice, which is a fairly easy-to-digest source of carbohydrate, making flatulence and constipation less of a problem.
  • Comprises wheat bran, which provides natural prebiotic fiber that helps to promote the dog’s digestive health.
  • Omega fatty 6 acids (linoleic acid), combined with vitamin A, provide the dog with a healthy skin and shiny coat.
  • The diet contains calcium, which plays a major role in making their bones healthy and stronger.


  • Since the formula contains lots of grains, including soy, corn, and whole grain wheat, both of which are allergy triggers, the meal isn’t a proper choice if your bulldog has food sensitivities and allergies.
  • Due to plenty of grains, the carbohydrate content is relatively high. Some doggy parents see this as a potential problem, bearing in mind the effects associated with excess carbs.

Since bulldogs are susceptible to sensitive digestive tracts, a dog food that pays mind to this special consideration, like Nulo adult grain-free dry food, may prove helpful depending on your dog's sensitivities such as allergies. 

On one occasion, I had a bulldog who was a ravenous eater and was quickly becoming overweight. In later years, she developed dyslexia and her near obese weight was not helping the situation but complicating her comfort.

Seeing that Nulo (high in proteins and low in carbohydrates) is among the diets advised by vets for dogs in a similar situation, I believe using the diet would have helped my chubby pal to cut down her weight, making managing dyslexia more tenable.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Protein - 31.0% min
  • Fat - 17.0% min
  • Fiber - 4.5% max


  • The formula is grain-free – no corn, wheat gluten, or soy. It also doesn’t include any artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives which can cause health disorders.
  • The formula is made with 100% natural ingredients, with 85% of the proteins coming from animal-based sources like chicken, salmon, real lamp meat and turkey. This makes it rich in nutritional content.
  • The Nulo formulations come in two forms - kibble and canned- allowing you the option to offer your bulldog their preferred choice. If your dog likes its food chewy, then the kibble is perfect. If he/she cannot chew for some reason perhaps because of a dental problem, the Nulo canned becomes a fallback option.
  • Nulo Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food contains a patented BC30 probiotic which supports healthy digestion for dogs prone to constipation and flatulence.
  • Contains both omega-3 and-6 fatty acids both of which help the dog to have a healthy skin and coat.
  • Comprises calcium and phosphorous. The two help a dog to maintain healthy bones and joints.
  •  The amino acids present in the formula support a healthy heart and lean muscle mass.
  • No egg or chicken protein, making it an ideal option for dogs prone to allergies from poultry products.


  • High protein content and low carbohydrates may work well for bulldogs in need of losing weight but not for every bulldog. It is advisable to try and observe carefully how your dog responds to the protein carbohydrates ratio contained in this feed.

Even though adding grain ingredients to a dog food formulation helps to raise the nutritional value it provides, to be equally fair, your Bulldog may not naturally crave for it.

It’s on this premise that Taste of the Wild Grain-Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food draws its inspiration from.

At close inspection of the ingredients label, you will find items that lean more towards the natural wild that your bulldog may love.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Protein-32.0% min
  • Fat-18.0% min
  • Fiber-4.0% max


  • Comprises premium roasted meat that appeals to the natural palate of dogs. Sources of protein in this formulation include premium meats like lamb meal, chicken meal, roasted bison, roasted venison, and buffalo. This translates to this dog food being very naturally palatable and tasty for your canine companion.
  • Maximized nutrient absorption as a result of chelated minerals which easily attach to the protein and facilitate absorption during digestion.
  • Well balanced omegas from salmon oil for an overall healthier look including shiny and sleek fur.
  • Supplemented with fruits and vegetables enabling it to deliver antioxidants that are key in giving your furry friend a healthy style.
  • There is a common misconception that because a dog food is grain free then it must have low carbohydrates. This could not be further from the truth as the carbohydrates in this formulation are catered for by the presence of sweet potatoes, and legumes. This more than enough to have your pooch energized through the day.
  • Since there are no grains present, this becomes one of the go-to options if your bulldog is prone to allergies triggered by gluten.
  • Friendly even to sensitive stomachs- A very unique aspect of this formulation is the fact that species-specific active cultures have included after the cooking process so that your furry pal enjoys the benefit of a healthy digestion.


  • Contains Tomatoes pomace, a highly controversial ingredient.

Zignature Trout is arguably the king of simplicity as their mantra is 'simple is best' when it comes to dog food. This becomes very evident when you take a peek at the ingredients used to formulate Zignature Trout and Salmon Meal Formula.

If your bulldog is prone to allergies as a result of grains, then trying the Zignature Trout and Salmon Meal Formula might be the solution you have been long searching for.

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Protein - 30.0% min
  • Fat - 14.0% min
  • Fiber - 6.5% max


  • Free from ingredients that are common triggers of allergies in some bulldogs like egg, potatoes, grain, chicken, gluten, soy or tapioca.
  • Contains high-quality proteins sourced from meat that supports muscle growth and development.
  • Fish is the single protein source in this formulation, as opposed to a dozen of animal protein sources that can get complicated for the digestive and immune system of some sensitive dogs, resulting in allergies, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms of distress.
  • Antioxidants provided by fruits, vegetables, and legumes combined with the added minerals and vitamins promote optimum nutrition, regardless of the life stage your pooch is in.
  • Peas, a main ingredient in this diet and a source of quality carbohydrates, provides energy for play and recovery from play.
  • The diet contains chelated minerals, making the food easier to absorb.


  • Some dogs may find it difficult to digest fish. My puppy is one of those that do not react favorably to fish.
  • Contains flaxseed which is a controversial  ingredient in dog food

One of my buddy’s Bulldogs had a longtime problem with flatulence and some horrendously stinking gaseous emissions enough to send him scampering for fresh air every time his furry companion broke wind.

The dog's poop also had a portent unpleasant smell. Well, it turns out the dog food he was using was the culprit. 

If he’d used Royal Canine BREED HEALTH NUTRITION Bulldog Adult dry dog food, this wouldn’t have happened because it’s specially formulated to minimize that.

Guaranteed analysis

  • Protein (min)‎ - ‎22%           
  • Fat (min) ‎- ‎12%
  • Fiber (max) ‎- ‎3.9%


  • The formula is formulated with highly digestible proteins (LIP) and fiber-rich carbohydrates that support good digestion, playing a key role in reducing digestive disorders caused by intestinal fermentation. This includes flatulence and bad odor from poop.
  • Well formulated for a balanced diet and helps maintain ideal weight for your pooch.
  • Enriched with EPA and DHA, both of which support healthy bones, joints, and skin health
  • The kibble is exclusively designed to allow the Bulldogs to have an easier time picking them up and chewing.


  • Contains oats and brown rice, both of which can cause health problems for dogs with gluten sensitivity.
  • Includes fish oil and egg, which may not be the best for dogs who react adversely to fish and poultry products.
  • Not grain-free


Due to the many and varied peculiarities of bulldogs owing to either their genetic makeup or hereditary influences, there is no telling which dog food would be the most appropriate for your dog.

However, this list on how to find the best dog food for American Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, or French Bulldogs does point you in the right direction in terms of options available to you depending on numerous things, including the sensitivities that your canine pal may be prone to.

Of all the diets we’ve looked at, Purina Pro Plan SAVOR Shredded Blend Formula Adult Dry Dog Food comprises the lowest fat content (6%), has moderate protein level (26%), great taste and texture suitable for bulldogs, and a couple of ingredients that assist to keep away flatulence and digestive problems.

Bearing in mind the factors we mentioned earlier, the formula no doubt ticks most of the boxes and easily qualifies among the best dog food for French Bulldogs, American Bulldogs and English Bulldogs, especially those with no gluten sensitivity.